Club Constitution

Inline Hockey Cork

Association for Development, Management, and Promotion of Inline Hockey in Cork and the Province of Munster


Mission Statement:

This Association is committed to developing, managing, and promoting the sport of Inline Hockey in Cork and Munster in accordance with the wishes and desires of its members. 

The Association and its Officers are committed to conducting the business and affairs of the Association in an open, democratic, transparent and accountable manner. 

The Association shall be developed and managed in a tolerant, respectful and non-discriminatory and non-sectarian manner. 

The Association shall provide equal opportunities to all people. 

The Association acknowledges the significant role played by sport in local, regional and national affairs. In particular the Association recognizes the right of Children to participate in sport free from any and all interference or threat of interference.



Whereas Inline Hockey Cork is a voluntary Association whose membership is dedicated to the promotion, development and management of Inline Hockey throughout Cork and the province of Munster.

And Whereas it is declared that one of the purposes of this constitution, and the Association’s Bylaws, Regulations and Rules shall be to confer upon Inline Hockey Cork, and its Executive Committee all of the powers of a fully self governing Organization; Now therefore be it enacted: 

Association Name

Article 1: The name of the Association shall be Inline Hockey Cork.

Article 2: This Association shall be established as a non-profit association in accordance with the Companies Act 1963-2000.

Governing Bodies

Article 3: The Association will affiliate with Inline Hockey Ireland, the National Governing Body of the sport in Ireland.

Legal Liability

Article 4: The Association shall take all necessary steps to reduce and prevent exposure to liability of its members and officers.

Article 5: The Committee shall be responsible for adopting such measures that are required to safeguard, protect and indemnify the Association and its members.

Association Objectives

Article 6: The main objectives of the association are the management, promotion and development of inline hockey in Cork and the province of Munster. In pursuit of the above main objectives the association shall have the following subsidiary objectives.

Article 7: The Association shall support the establishment and implementation of IHI initiated development projects.

Article 8: The Association shall be non sectarian and non political. 

Article 9: The Association shall as far as possible provide a safe, accessible and affordable playing environment. The Association shall adhere to the safety policy and procedure established by IHI.

Article 10: The Association shall adhere to and implement all Policies and Procedures established and amended by the Irish Sports Council as endorsed and supplemented by IHI.

Article 11: The Association shall develop in an equal manner a programme of play irrespective of age, gender, sex, religion and ethnic origin.

Article 12: The Association is committed to the provision of Quality Leadership. The Association shall work in conjunction with IHI with the aim of providing suitably qualified, educated and experienced Coaches and Sports Officials. The Association shall adopt all IHI educational and technical development programmes for Sports Officials.

Article 13: The primary objective of the Association Youth Programme is the establishment, maintenance and provision of an enjoyable and safe environment in which children can be introduced to the sport of Inline Hockey.

Association Governance

Article 14: A Committee comprised of no less than 4 and no more than 12 individual positions shall govern and manage the Association.

Article 15: The Officers shall be:


Vice Chairperson


Financial Officer

Regional Development Officer

Regional Children’s Officer

Regional Director of Playing Operations

Regional Director of Playing Operations Senior

Regional Director of Playing Operations Junior

Regional Director of Playing Operations Ladies

Director of Marketing and Public Relations

Regional Health and Safety Officer

Positions appointed by the officers are:

Head of Coaches

Article 15.1: Persons holding a position on the IHC committee are entitled to a single vote in regular committee meetings.

Article 15.2: Other non-voting positions may be created by the committee as needed.

Article 15.3: The positions of Chairperson, Secretary, Financial Officer and Regional Children's Officer are mandatory positions that must be filled at the General Meeting

Article 16: Three Trustees shall be elected at a General Meeting and will serve for three years. Their function is to oversee the running of the Association and establish that proper records and books of account are maintained.

Article 17: The Committee will select an Honorary President, who must be confirmed by a majority vote.

Article 17.1: The President shall be entitled to vote on Committee decisions.

Article 18: Only fully subscribed members may vote and stand for election at the Annual General Meeting.

Article 19: The Committee of the Association may appoint special Projects Officers after consulting with the Executive Committee of IHI. 

Article 20: The Committee may sanction all Ad-hoc Committees after prior consultation with the Executive Committee of IHI.

Article 21: The required quorum for all Committee meetings shall be a simple majority.


Article 22: In the event of the resignation of an Officer of the Association the Committee may elect an individual by majority vote to fill this position until the next General Meeting.

Article 22.1: In the event of neglect of duties by an officer or trustee, the position may be replaced by majority vote of the Committee.

General Meeting

Article 23: Each Association member will be afforded 21 days notice of all General Meetings. A copy of the provisional Agenda will be made available not later than 7 days before such General Meeting. 

Article 23.1: Notices of Motion for inclusion on the agenda must be submitted in writing to the Secretary not later than 10 days before a General Meeting.

Article 24: Fully subscribed members may register Notices of Motion and vote on resolutions at all General Meetings.

Article 25: The Annual General Meeting of the Association shall be held between the close of one season and the opening of the new season.

Article 26: At General Meetings, two scrutineers shall be appointed to conduct the elections of officers. 

Article 27: The Chairperson shall be required to chair each General Meeting and Officers shall remain in Office until the end of such meeting.

Article 28: Voting on simple resolutions shall be conducted by show of hands. The Chairperson shall determine what a simple resolution is. A simple majority is required to pass such resolutions.

Article 29: All nominations for the positions of the Executive Committee are to be forwarded to the General Secretary not later than 10 days before the scheduled date of the General Meeting.

Article 30: All contested elections and sensitive resolutions shall be conducted by secret ballot. 

Article 31: A special resolution will be required to amend the constitution. A two-thirds majority of members present and voting shall be required to pass all Special Resolutions and Notices of Motion. 

Article 32: All Special Projects that are not connected or related to the normal playing activities or development or functioning of the Association must be endorsed or rejected by the members in General Meeting.  


Article 33: The Association shall open and maintain bank accounts in the name of the Association and its various sub-divisions. 

Article 34: The Financial Officer shall be responsible for the operation of the bank account.

Article 35: The Financial Officer shall maintain proper books of account. At the Annual General Meeting a statement of Accounts shall be made available to the members. At the Annual General Meeting independent Auditors shall be appointed. All Accounts shall be audited. Accounts shall be kept and made available to the Revenue Commissioners on request.

Article 36: The Association Trustees are entitled to review at any time the Association’s financial books and accounts. The Trustees may call upon the General Secretary to call a General Meeting in the event that they are dissatisfied with the financial affairs of the Association. 

Article 37: The Association shall hold any and all assets that accrue or are generated from the ventures made or taken in the name of or in association with the Inline Hockey Cork and Irish Inline Hockey League.


Article 38: The Annual Registration fees for players, non-players, teams and clubs will be set at the first meeting of the elected Committee after the Annual General Meeting.

Article 39: All members agree and consent to abide by the Constitution, Bye Laws, Discipline code and rulings of the Executive Committee.

Article 40: All members aged 16 or over are entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Association.

Article 41: A parent or guardian of members aged under 16 is entitled to attend and vote at General Meetings of the Association.


Article 42: The Committee reserves the right to revoke and rescind the membership of an individual, a team or a club. This action will only be taken in the event of a serious breach of the Constitutional Rules, Bye Laws or Discipline Code.

Article 43: The Association shall observe and be governed by the IHI Code of Discipline.

Article 44: The IHI Code of Discipline shall define procedures and penalties.

Article 45: The Association shall establish and maintain an Anti-Doping Policy.

Article 46: The Association shall implement and enforce the Code of Ethics and Good Practice in Children’s Sport.

Income and Property

Article 47: The income and property of the association shall be applied solely towards its main objectives outlined in articles 6 to 13. No portion of the association’s income and property shall be paid or transferred directly or indirectly by way of dividend, bonus or otherwise howsoever by way of profit, to the members of the association. No officer shall be appointed to any office of the association paid by salary or fees, or receive any remuneration or other benefit in money or money’s worth from the association in respect of such office. However, nothing shall prevent any payment in good faith by the organization of:


Article 48: If upon the winding up or dissolution of the association there remains, after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities, any property whatsoever, it shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the association. Instead, such property shall be given or transferred to some other institution or institutions having main objectives similar to the main objectives of the association. The institution or institutions to which property is to be given or transferred shall prohibit the distribution of its or their income and property among its or their members to an extent at least as great as is imposed on the association under or by virtue of the Income and Property Clause hereof. Members of the organization shall select the relevant institution or institutions at or before the time of dissolution, and if and so far as effect cannot be given to such provisions, then the property shall be given or transferred to some charitable object.

Additions, alterations or amendments

Article 49: No additions, alterations or amendments shall be made to or in the provisions of the main objects, Income and Property and Winding-up Clauses in the associations’ Constitution for the time being in force unless the same shall have been previously approved in writing by the Revenue Commissioners.


June 18 2005 – J. Tessier

To reflect the changes from IHC AGM May 23, 2004

October 31, 2010 – J. Tessier

To reflect the changes from IHC AGM October 30, 2010